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2011 Italian Ladies Team Championships: Debora’s hands

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2011 Italian Ladies Team Championships. Salsomaggiore 28 April – 1 May.  Neapolitan Club asked Debora Campagnano to send something about her victory in 2011 Italian Ladies Teams Championships. In Martellini Genova, Debora’s team, played Chiara and Silvia Martellini, Francesca Piscitelli and Debora Campagnano, Marina Causa and Emanuela Fusari. She wrote on three hands. The first one can be entitled “Kissed by Fortune”, as she herself humorously underlined.

Debora is the opener, Chicca is the Responder (Chicca is a fondly diminutive of the name Francesca, more used in northern Italy).

2* – 2♠ (relais)

* hearts in weak two bid or in 14-16 unbalanced

3♣ (one suiter) – 3 (relais)

3NT (14-16) – 4♣ (cue bid)

4(cue bid) – 4♠ (cue bid)

5♣** – 5***

** turbo, cue + odd key cards

*** About this 5 by Chicca, Debora said: “I don’t know why, but it sounded to me as trump Q asking”

6♣ (yes, I have it) – 7

All pass and East led. There are three questions: where is the king trump? Onside. Who has the ♠Ace? West. Which lead East makes? Not ♠

 We haven’t the second hand: unfortunately, Debora didn’t write down it. All we can say is that there was a squeeze by Chicca, the only woman who made it in 1° serie. The board is the number eight in the fifth round.

 In the third hand, in West, Debora has:

Kxxx x AQxx Jxxx

South opens Multi 2, Debora passes, North responses 2♠, agreeing hearts. Chicca passes, South bids 4 and Debora doubles, finding 4♠, +620. This hand is similar to the one of Marion Michielsen depicted in the book of Mark Horton and Jan Van Cleef “The mysterious Multi” (click here>>).  

Search in the paragraph “The grand final” the reasons of Debora and Marion.


Many thanks to Debora Campagnano

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