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2011 French Team Championship: Division Nationale Open I – Third turn

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French Team Championship: Division Nationale Open I (DNOI). The French Championship is held in three week-ends, with twelve teams playing each other in eleven rounds of 26 hands. The first four teams of the round robin stage will play semifinal and final; the dates of final stage are still unknown, just it’s known that it will happen in January. There were twelve top teams: Zimmermann, Laffineur, Cronier, Vinay, Piganeau, Fleury, Allix, Doussot, Chemla, Payen, Salliere, Tardy.

There are only two Italians, Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes, in Pierre Zimmermann’s Team.

After the second week-end, that is after eight of eleven rounds, the four top teams were Zimmermann (155 VPs), Payenne (151), Doussot (134), and Laffineur. The fifth and the sixth team, Tardy and Croustibat, were trailed respectively eight and thirteen.

Yesterday, by playing the ninth, the tenth, and the eleventh round, the round robin phase ended; this is the final scoring:

Pierre Zimmermann 207 to semi-finals

Bernard Payenne 201 to semi-finals

Bernard Doussot 192 to semi-finals

Guy Laffineur 180 to semi-finals

Stephane Tardy 168

Croustibat 167

Patrice Piganeau 159

Philippe Cronier 159

Herve Fleury 150

Gerard Salliere 144

Paul Chemla 141

Jean Francois Allis 93

Nothing changed in the last three matches: a useless week-end. Congratulations to Guy Laffineur, Bernard Doussot, Bernard Payenne, and to Pierre Zimmermann: we’ll see them again in January. And congratulations to all the unqualified eight teams for the unyielding holding up.

Here’s the link to all results >>


November 21, 2011

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