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2010’s Philadelphia – Rosenblum Cup: Final (after 2th session)

The Rosenblum Cup is going toward the end. After two of four segments, Diamond is leading 76-56 against Nickell; in ¾ place, Zimmerman is winning 98-46 against Wolfson.

An interesting board was the 18th

E-W vuln. South (Greco, Nickell, Helgemo): ♠K10754 32 AJ ♣KJ92

North: ♠J9 A5  KQ10652 ♣A75

After 1♠-2in three of the four tables, Greco has bidden 2NT whereas Nickell and Helgemo preferred to repeat spades. Greco played 3NT, made. Nickell landed in 5, set one; Helgemo 5, made. The interesting question is: which were the right auction? 2♠ by Nickell and Helgemo, with only five card suit, or 2NT by Greco with only 12 points, with only two defensive tricks – AJ is worth one defensive trick; ♠K and ♣KJ are worth 0,5 each – and, moreover, without stopper?

Someone says that 2♠ doesn’t mean “I have six cards”, but “I have minimum”. In BWS (Bridge World Standard), the partners are advised to talk upon this matter. In Neapoletan Club the choice, in the analogue situation, is 2♠. Neapolitan Club play four card major, and in fact it repeats the good four card suit, avoiding to bid 2NT with poor opening and unguarded suits.

by Paolo Enrico Garrisi

Running scores (click on the Table)



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