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Varese team wins the appeal against Angelini and takes the Cup

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February 27, 2011. Mr. Giancarlo Bernasconi, Vice-President of the Italian Bridge Federation (FIGB), has today awarded the team Varese for second place in the 2010’s Italian Club’s  Team Championships. The final phases of the tournament took place in Bologna from 23 to 26 September last year. Second place was awarded to Varese team by FIGB,  following up the disqualification of Angelini established by the National Tournament Committee (CNG) .

 As our readers must recall, at the end of the second round of the tournament, team Varese had filed an appeal against the participation of three Norwegian players in the Angelini’s team: Geir Helgemo, Tor Helness and Boye Brogeland (enrolled on 15 September at the Italian Federation with S.S.D. Angelini Bridge s.r.l). Varese team told on that the three Norwegian did not have the necessary residential requirement according the Article 10 of Federal Regulation: The regulation provides that, in fact, this championship is reserved for players residing in Italy and it assumes the participation of foreign players for up to 2/6 . Helgemo, Helness and Brogeland , obviously, are three and not resident in Italy.

The complaint was submitted to the CNG (National Tournament Committee)who declined to make an immediate ruling, and asked for clarification from the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee). The competition, however, continued: Angelini with the Norwegians in tow, reached the final where they lost to the Allegra Team (Lavazza)  of Turin, the championships come to an end in the normal fashion with the awards ceremony and the ritual photo shoot.

On November 30, 2010 the CNG (National Tournament Committee) issued its ruling: Angelini’s team is disqualified but the final match is not replayed and the results are updated by default. And now here comes the award ceremony: for effect of the Angelini’s disqualification, the Varese team reaches the second prize. Mr. Paolo Uggeri ( Team Varese delegated) informs us that a official statemet  by the CNG will be published in the official journal of the FIGB, in the next issue.

In the photos: Franco Garbosi, Giancarlo Bernasconi (Vicepresident FIGB), Gianni Garbosi, Giovanna Buzzani Vaccari (President AB Varese), Giancarlo Astore and  Paolo Uggeri.


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