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2010’s Europeans: The Women Championship blazes

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The France tonight has forged ahead in the women championship; this is the VP (Victory Point) ranking after eighteen of twenty-seven round robins. First nine teams:


France 332

Netherlands 329

England 328

Germany 325

Sweden 320

Poland 315

Russia 311

Denmark 298

Italy 296


The tenth, Israel, is at 285, too far. The delay of Italy and Denmark also looks too great, but let we explain. Italy is there, at the nineth place, in spite of unbelievable misfortune: the Italians are playing with only three of the original team! One player withdrew before the leaving for health problems; it has been necessary to substitute the entire pair. In Ostende, another one have been forced to leave, and now only five are playing. As it appears, when we addressed hers “Heroines” – see Five Queens for Ostenda’s throne – we weren’t so far from the matter of facts.


The Denmark has defeated the Netherlands and the Germany. The Dane are descendants of the ancient Heruli, the giant people that once defeated Rome. If the Italy can freak out somebody, they can do too.


What about Sweden, Poland and Russia? It’s difficult to say, but some exclamation mark sure will come from their opponents.


Four teams are in a sheet of seven VPs: France and Germany had started as favourites, then they are in the right place; the English dames maybe didn’t know this, or maybe they didn’t believe it, anyway they have plunged their ambitions between them.


The Netherlands have been champions in 2002, and in 2010 they were leading until yesterday; today they have lost two matches: against Norway and Denmark. Maybe it’s a pause for dolling themselves up.


Don’t miss this channel, next days: these champions know the meaning of the word “thrill”, and the hard-headed playing has just started!


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