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2010’s Europeans – The Queens of Europe

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 The French team has won the 2010’s European Women Championship. When the last round has started, in the first five places was:


France 480 VP (Victory Points)

Netherlands 479

Sweden 476

Germany 473

England 472

Germany and England couldn’t still hope: seven or eight VPs aren’t the Matterhorn, but too many ropes were climbing before them. Italy was 7th with 450, far from the 6th (Poland, 467), but still in the path for 2011’s Venice Cup.


After 8-10 deals the ranking became:

France 505

Netherlands 502

Sweden 501

The opponents were respectively Turkey, Switzerland and Czech Republic, all in the lower side of ranking.


We all have a favourite team, that of our Country. Nevertheless, in front of such a cliff-hanger, our hearts bleed a little for opponents too. If we have an heart, it does: no matter which country we come from, France, Netherlands or Sweden, we would all could become champions.

But the ranking hasn’t heart, and that’s what it has decreed when France is five boards to end:

France 505

Netherlands 504

Sweden 501

Both France and Netherlands are winning by twenty-five, but France is leading 101-14, and time has came that any hope must fall.


These are the champions: Veronique Bessis, Benedicte Cronier, Catherine D’Ovidio, Daniele Gaviard, Joanna Neve, Sylvie Willard. (Note: in the article “Five queens for Ostenda Throne”, we already addressed them as “queens”, but at that time it was an obvious forecast: they have already won in 2006 and 2008).

These are the runner up from Netherlands: Laura Dekkers, Marion Michielsen, Jet Pasman, Anneke Simons, Martine Verbeek, Wietske Van Zwol.

Bronze medal for Sweden: Pia Andersson, Jessica Larsson, Cecilia and Sandra Rimstedt, Sara Sivelind, Emma Sjoberg.

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