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2010’s Europeans: Itlay vs Scotland reported by Gluck ( sixth match)

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This round has been more difficult than expected. Scotland had started the championship badly and had recovered only thanks to the 25 Victory gained in the last round against the Lebanon.

The opps started well against us, and we a little bad: a bit nervous continues to creep, I hope and believe unprovoked. After 3 boards we are a bit under (-4-4-7), with small smudges and small misfortunes, including the fact that  happened some hands fit for our adversaries declarative gadgets

We resume, mainly because we are stronger, but without giving the feeling to be able to stretch and closed the meeting. A couple of our opponents DBL against contracts that Alfredo and Lorenzo bring home, give to us some margin, but there is still the feeling that something, especially in the other pair, need to be fixed.

Then,  on the final 3NT made by Giorgino and a wonderful 6 club, really difficult to bid, by Alfredo and Lorenzo make victory more fat.

Final score is 20-10, which confirmed us in second place behind a surprising Iceland, at least in the quality of the victories achieved so far. It ‘ s true that he had a fairly easy walk, among the stronger teams met only us, but apart from that match against Italy in the other five has traveled to nearly 21 on average.

See you tomorrow.

Gluckenval, the official commentator Vugraph BBO



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