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2010’s Europeans: Italian début reported by Gluck

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Since we started against the Icelandics, it can be said that we have indeed ‘broken the ice’ at the European Championships.  The match was fairly even and hard fought, no quarter spared, having said that there were no hands that really tested the skill of the players.

I followed Alfredo and Lorenzo, who have always made tough decisions at the table, although a couple of unfortunate situations arose (a four spades hand where the defence proved too difficult for our heroes).

I would say it was a very good outing for Bocchi-Madala, who acquitted themselves well.

In short, we will play our usual tactic for the Europeans, match the good teams and crush the weaker countries, an approach that has always served us well.

Iceland – Italy:  32 -39 (14-16)


Gluckenval, official commentator BBO Vugraph

Translated by Mr. John Wilmott

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