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2010’s Philadelphia: The Chinese ladies have won the McConnell Cup

Posted on 13 October 2010

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The Chinese ladies have won the McConnell Cup. These are the winners: Ling Gu, Yan Lu, Ming Sun, Hongli Wang, Xuefeng Feng, Yanhui Sun, with Chuancheng Ju as npc.

 All the three pairs play Precision, and all use a takeout double as weak as with nine HCP and good shape. After the opponent’s takeout double, the new suit is forcing at level one (Kaplan-Sheinwold way), and not forcing at level two (see “negative free bids” in Eric Rodwell’s BridgeTopics: ).

The overcalls’ minimum is six points at level one, ten at level two; weak if by jump.

China has won the San Paolo 2009’s Venice cup, but with a different team: only Ming Sun and Hongli Wang were in both winning team. It means that in the next year it will be difficult to snatch the Venice Cup from their hands.

They have won scoring 134-93 against the Netherlands:

Carla Arnolds, Jet Pasman, Anneke Simons, Martine Verbeek, Bep Vriend, Wietske van Zwol.

The match has been tied until the last segment. Last Hollanders’ victories were the 2000’s Venice Cup and 2002’s European, but they ever should be taken into consideration: in Oostende European Championship the Netherlands were leading until the last three matches.

 In the play-off, the Phyllis Fireman’s team has beaten Hampton 86-51.

Fireman: Shannon Cappelletti, Catherine D’Ovidio, Daniele Gaviard, Victoria Gromova, Tatiana Ponomareva, Phyllis Fireman, playing Captain.

Hampton: Benedicte Cronier, Laura Dekkers, Joyce Hampton, Marion Michielsen, Sylvie Willard, Jenny Wolpert.

Nice to see the French National Team in both the teams: an ancient Roman would have shook the head saying: “Divide et impera”.

 A word needs on Sabine Auken and Daniela Von Arnim: they weren’t in McConnell; they have played the Rosenblum in Roy Welland’s teams, reaching the round of 32 and losing 122-126 against Vito (Bulgaria).

 In McConnell there was the Italia National Team too: Caterina Ferlazzo, Cristina Golin, Gabriella Manara, Gabriella Olivieri, Annalisa Rosetta, Marilina Vannuzzi. They barely qualified in the RR (7th of 16), then lost at once against Full Spectrum Auctions. This wasn’t a weak team: there played Lynn Deas, Irina Levitina and Kerry Sanborn, but after Full Spectrum Auctions didn’t survive in the following round, so the Italian Women’s result remains in the upper side, but in the lower part of  it.

 by Paolo Enrico Garrisi





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