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2010 Italian Club’s Team Championships reported by Gluck

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The Club Team championships started in 2004, and is now the most important event in the Italian bridge calender. The semifinalist are all very good teams with many worldchampions playing. The Angelini and Lavazza’s teams have such luminaries as – Bocchi, Brogeland, Duboin, Fantoni, Ferraro, Helgemo, Helness, Madala, Nunes, Sementa – all of the bridge world’s attention is captivated by what’s happening in Bologna. There is much curiosity surrounding the Angelini team, where the Giubilo Lauria and Versace triad having been replaced (officially only for this competition and the Champions League) by the Norwegian players HelgemoHelness and Brogeland. We have collected here all the report written by our Gluck, who is in this event the official vugrapH commentator on BBO.

Semifinal september 23 night >>

Semifinal september 23 day >>

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