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  1. neapolitanclub on said:

    Disegno originale di Rosalba Carbonetti
    Rosalba, presidente del Club ‘Amici del Bridge on Line’ e nostra carissima amica, ci ha regalato uno dei suoi disegni originali. Per questo la ringraziamo di cuore e lo pubblichiamo qua per tutti gli amici!

  2. Bill Leech on said:

    I like the setup of your site. Very well done.
    tacheon, BBO host and TD, from Australia

  3. gluckenval on said:

    Comunque bisogna tifare Italia, a prescindere se la formazione è quella che avremmo schierato noi.

  4. neapolitanclub on said:

    Questo è il nostro carissimo amico MagoSqualo 🙂
    This is our dear friend MagoSqualo 🙂
    Ty Oz: smack!!!

  5. francesco natale (Roma) on said:

    Complimenti per la vostra rivista online, ed in particolare alla bravissima Laura Camponeschi, autrice delle più belle interviste bridgistiche che abbia letto.

    [email protected]

  6. neapolitanclub on said:

    We have already asked FBM to send results.
    Pls send us a note as soon as you publish the scores.
    Thak-you for your attention.

  7. Boris Merson on said:

    I read Neapoliatanclub for quite some time. And is really strange how one-sided are all the articles in regard to Fantunes affair. It looks quite simple looking from aside: the best pair in the world (sure, it is hard to define precisely. But they are surely the highest-ranked pair in the world) is not selected into a National team again and again. For only one reason: they are being bad-mouthed by some other players who saw them as competition. Being good-natured people, Fantoni and Nunez did not engage into this “war of insults”. And, as a result, lost it, being sidelined for no reason. The incident in Shanghai is just laughable: they played for the sponsor instead of being overwhelmed with sorrow? They are professionals, having professional obligation to play (and to play well!) Obviously, each of the other players would do the same in such situation. It is also laughable how pointing to this incident, Mr. Angelini insists that they are actually not that strong.
    I am not familiar with the insides of this story. But it looks like main Italian sponsors were manipulated by the other players, who had vested interest in the affair. Nobody in the various interviews mentions an obvious fact: that Fantunes are the great bridge players. And today, reporting the team Monaco great Spingold win, the only bridge example you mention is Helness’s “error”? That was for an overtrick in IMPs.
    As for “patriotic” angle that, which Mr. Lauria and Mr. Bocchi are promoting: I bet each of them would do the same in similar situation. I am sure that Lauria-Versace would be upset they were not selected into National team again and again. And THAT would be more justified than doing the same to Fantunes.
    Thanks, Boris Merson
    New York

  8. Paolo Enrico Garrisi on said:

    Dear Boris,

    When Fantoni and Nunes were excluded from Italian Team, Neapolitan Club was the first magazine to protest against it. We didn’t complain about the exclusion itself, but the fact that it had been done without explanations; you can be convinced of this reading my article:

    In those times many wrote us saying that we were one-sided pro those players; it wasn’t, obviously, but many thought it. Later came the replies of the others Italian protagonists of international bridge: we published all, and many – as you are now doing – started to write that we were one-sided pro the enemies of Fantoni and Nunes. Also, many who followed the affair from its beginnings started to write that we were volta-gabbana (turncoat), an Italian word that means the person who starts a battle following a flag and after passes to the opposite field.

    About that hand, I simply have underlined a beautiful example of deceptive playing, a technical matter that intermediate players rarely know (I suggest to read the Barry Rigal’s book “Deception in Defence – 1997 Batsford Ltd, London), but if you think that I’m in one-sided register, it also could be read alike: first I launched my curse toward Steve Weinstein, who failed to discard the diamond; then against Thor Helness, who failed to finesse as he had to do. Being Weinstein and Helness in opposite teams, so I have been one-sided in opposite fields, that is a voltagabbana.

    Sincerely, Enrico Paolo Garrisi

  9. Boris Merson on said:

    Dear Paolo,
    First of all, many thanks for responding to my comments. You made some good points. Perhaps, I should be more specific: Neapoliatan Club does not express its own position, merely giving platform to bridge players and functionaries to express their opinions.
    Still, it is quite upsetting. At this point it is difficult to distinguish what motivates players to be so unfair and biased towards this affair. For some of them it is just bad nature and desire to eliminate competition (the upsetting part: it worked!). Some of them are just trying to be on the good side with their sponsors. It is sad to see when grownup people do this. Could anyone without bias say something like “Funtoni and Nunez are respected as a pair, not so much as individual players”? Also, it is very easy to be generous and patronizing when it is not you who was isolated and marginalized (for no reason).
    I hope these two great players and individuals have enough strength and courage to stay above the dirt that is thrown in their direction.
    Respectfully, Boris Merson

  10. Giorgio Cacciaguerra on said:

    Buongiorno, vorrei segnalare la “Fine” del Support Double, decretata da Fantoni e Nunes alla mano 16 della Finale dello Spingold turno 1/4.

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